Academic Requirements

Barrett accepts high performing, academically engaged students and works with them in collaboration with all of the units at ASU to contribute to student success. Below is a minimum set of guidelines for Barrett students. We do not expel students from Barrett for poor performance or for falling behind on requirements, but work with them to meet the requirements. We wish to work with all of the units to help students meet their requirements, as well.

  • All Barrett students must complete a required number of honors courses (some specified, see below) and a thesis/creative project supervised and defended in front of a faculty committee. To graduate from Barrett, they must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25.
  • Honors Progress Reports (DARS) are available on the MyASU page for students to check their honors credits and progress. Please use this tutorial to get started: Student DARS Tutorial
  • Barrett students entering with lower division status must complete the Human Event sequence of HON 171 during their first semester and HON 272/273/274 during their second semester. In addition to the 6-credit two course Human Event sequence, they also must complete 30 honors credits, at least 18 of which must be upper division. Of the total 36-credit Barrett graduation requirement, students can complete as many as 30 of the honors credits as upper division courses.
  • Barrett students entering with upper division status must complete 21 honors credits, all of which must be upper division and one of which must be HON 370 The History of Ideas, a 3 credit seminar. The History of Ideas must be completed during the first semester that the student enrolls in Barrett, The Honors College.
  • Visit the Barrett Admissions page to learn more about the eligibility and application process for Lower and Upper Division students. Honors credit taken at another institution or completed at ASU before being admitted to Barrett will not count towards Barrett honors requirements.

To ensure completion of requirements we require Mandatory Honors Advising during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year in Barrett.

  • Advising is required for first and second year honors students.
    Advising will focus on honors requirements, special honors opportunities, adjustment and involvement on campus, and future goals and plans. Failure to come in for first and second year advising will result in ineligibility for priority class registration.
  • Advising is required for third year honors students. This is referred to as upper division advising.
    Advising will focus on progress towards honors credit hour requirements and a detailed explanation of the thesis/creative project guidelines, process and due dates. Failure to come in for upper division advising will result in ineligibility for priority class registration.
  • Advising is required for students entering Barrett after the first semester of their freshman year or as upper division transfers.
    Students must meet with a Barrett Advisor upon admission to the college, preferably before the start of the semester, to review all degree requirements and to sign up for appropriate honors classes. All students entering Barrett must register a valid email and telephone number with the Barrett Advising office upon admission to the college.
  • Final year: Barrett graduation requirements
    During the last year, all honors students must submit a thesis/creative project prospectus form one full semester before the final semester they defend their thesis/creative projects, in order to ensure processing of records for graduation.All students must defend their thesis/creative projects, obtain signatures of completion from their committee members, and submit the final copy of the work to the Barrett Advising Office by the assigned due date to ensure eligibility to walk in the Barrett Convocation ceremony. Thesis/creative project due dates are posted online, in the Barrett Advising office, and are given to students during mandatory advising meetings. To graduate from Barrett, all students must complete ASU graduation requirements in an academic major and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.