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Admissions Eligibility

Prospective students may apply to Barrett as:

1) high school seniors looking to enroll as incoming freshmen,
2) first-semester college students looking to enroll in the second semester of their first year,
3) second-semester college sophomores looking to enroll at the start of their junior (third) year.

The first and second options reflect Lower Division enrollment in the honors college. The Lower Division honors curriculum is designed for students spending at minimum seven semesters at ASU and Barrett, not including summer intersessions. Learn More.

The third option above is considered Upper Division. Upper Division Entry is specifically designed for those individuals who have completed approximately half of their undergraduate degree program and are looking to enroll in Barrett during the start of what is traditionally considered the junior year. The Barrett Upper Division academic requirements are designed for completion over the course of a student’s final four ASU semesters, not including summer intersessions. Learn More.

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Can a second-semester freshman apply to Barrett?

A common question is, “I am a second-semester, first-year college student. It looks like I can’t apply for sophomore enrollment. Is this true?” Yes, this is a correct statement. Second-semester freshmen are not able to successfully compress the Lower Division honors academic requirements into the three years they have remaining. These students must wait and apply at the end of their sophomore year for Upper Division entry as a junior. If you are an ASU student at the West campus, where a three-year honors track is being piloted, e-mail to discuss an exception to this policy.

Can a current first-semester sophomore apply to Barrett?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. A sophomore in his or her first semester should wait until his or her second semester and apply for Upper Division entry as a junior (e.g. apply in the spring of 2014 to start in the fall). However, if a student will have completed forty-eight (48) credits in his or her first three semesters of university enrollment, an Upper Division application will be accepted. Please note: the forty-eight credits cannot include any dual enrollment or AP coursework. In short, the forty-eight credits must be completed after high school graduation.