Housing at Barrett

Living in the honors residential college community allows for more informal interaction with faculty and the ability to maximize and balance intellectual and social engagement with other talented students in the community from multiple majors and backgrounds.

Benefits of the honors living experience:

  • elevates involvement in college and campus-wide activities
  • boosts participation in leadership roles and jobs on campus
  • enhances the development of communication skills
  • weekly student activities and services
  • network and build a foundation for the future

We have included here a link both the benefits of living here and our most frequently asked questions, but please don’t hesitate to contact us as needed.

Unique accommodations are available for Barrett students across all campuses of ASU. Below, you will learn more about the Residential Community at the Tempe Campus, but you can find campus-specific information for Downtown, Polytechnic and West on their individual websites:

Barrett at ASU Downtown Barrett at ASU Polytechnic Barrett at ASU West

Housing at the Tempe Campus

The $140 million Barrett campus was designed by renowned architects with input from Barrett students, faculty and staff and it opened in 2009. The residential halls feature suite-style living accommodations for students at all stages of their university experience. Laundry facilities are paired with sky lounges that offer views of South Mountain and Professional Sports facilities in Downtown Phoenix.

Sample photos from Barrett Tempe Campus
Single Room Shared Room Quad Kitchenette Quad Common Area
Private Bedroom /
Shared Bath
Shared Bedroom /
Shared Bath
Quad Kitchenette Quad Shared Area


In the fall of 2013, Barrett expanded their four year community honors housing options to Vista Del Sol across the street. Barrett at Vista provides some upper division students the option to enjoy all the amenities at Vista while remaining very close to the Barrett community and dining hall experience.