Art History and Museum Studies

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Academic Unit: 
School of Art, Art History & Museum Studies

In the joint areas of art history and museum studies, students can major or minor in either of these fields, have internships in museums in the US and abroad, can learn about the history of art across continents of Asia, Europe, North and South America and can have an honors contract in any course in art history or museum studies.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon art_history_museums_studies_faculty1.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Julie Codell

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

Any project related to the history of art or to museum studies, such as exhibitions, focus on an artist or a work of art, or issues such as restoration of art works, images of the body in art, gender and race represented in art and historical issues in the production or reception of art in criticism or the art market.

Academic Preparation: 

Students can have a minor or major in art history or museum studies and write a thesis, so students need to be on track for a major or a minor. Students should have at least one semester of a basic introductory course (e.g., ARS 101, 102, 201, 202, 250) and 2-3 upper division art history or museum studies courses (300 and 400 level) and fulfill the requirements for a minor or a major.

Other Honors Opportunities: 
Any honors student can contract with any full-time faculty member of any rank in any course in art history or museum studies. We have an internship program as well and students can apply for an internship in the Valley, across the US and even abroad.