Business BA

W.P. Carey School of Business
Academic Unit: 
Undergraduate Programs - Bachelor's of Arts

Faculty Honors Advisors

Rudy Pino

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

- Thesis/ Research Intensive Project
- Business Plan
- Corporation or Industry Analysis/ Comparison
- Department-sponsored (ex. Intel Collaborative, AdSport, SCM Alternative Seminar)
- Independent/ Creative Project
For information on the enrollment process, visit our Honors Thesis page on the W. P. Carey website. 

Academic Preparation: 

While students are not required to be in a specific major, it is expected students to show competency in the area of interest before attempting a thesis project. It is recommended students complete coursework in some of the business core classes in advance of starting their thesis/ creative project.. We encourage students to connect with an FHA and potential thesis directors for additional guidance.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

W. P. Carey is proud to offer a specialized honors version of core business curriculum. This honors version, offered in Fall and Spring semesters, takes a deeper dive into course material and allows students to engage on a higher level with their faculty and peers. Students of all business majors are able to access these courses. 
• ACC 261 Honors Fundamentals of Financial Accounting covers ACC 231/232
• ACC 271 Honors Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting covers ACC 241/242
• CIS 236 Honors Information Systems covers CIS 105 & 236
• ECN 231 Honors Business Statistics covers ECN 221
• FIN 303 Honors Finance covers FIN 300/302
• MKT 303 Honors Marketing Theory & Practice covers MKT 300/302
• MGT 303 Honors Organizational Strategies/Leadership covers MGT 300
• SCM 303 Honors Global Supply Operations covers SCM 300

In addition, W. P. Carey departments may offer honors enrichment contracts in classes that are not offered as an honors course.. Contracts are created on a case-by-case basis. 
Other ways to learn about thesis projects or research:
New Venture Group/Consulting Scholars
Business Ambassadors
Navigators (Involvement Center)
Peer Advising
WPC 101 Facilitating
Residential Engagement Leader
WPC Leadership Certificate
Business School Council