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Department of Information Systems

Technology is inescapable in the 21st Century. There are few, if any, companies in the world that do have technology and analytics at the core of everything they do. The degree programs offered by our department, Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Business Data Analytics (BDA) are essential for providing students the business, technology, and analytical skills companies need for success. Research has shown that both placement and salary are higher for majors from Information Systems degree programs than typical business school majors (AACSB 2019, NACE 2018). Any Barrett student who is considering majoring in either CIS or BDA should contact either department FHA.

Students can find more information on specific courses and topics on the degree program pages for our department:

Download Guidelines: PDF icon business_honors_fall_18.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Matt Sopha

Altaf Ahmad

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

Thesis projects from students in the Department of Information Systems take on a wide variety of topics and forms. There are a number that are qualitative research projects, answering important questions driving the technology and analytics agenda for professionals and academics. Many others involve the creation of technology artifacts, like mobile apps, web-based apps, databases, analytics dashboards, etc. Thesis projects undertaken by the IS Department abide by Barrett's requirements for who can serve on committees. Given the cross-disciplinary nature of the degree programs offered in the IS Department, many projects involve topics and faculty from many departments and colleges across ASU.

Academic Preparation: 

Students working on theses and degrees in the Department of Information Systems are encouraged to have a strong drive to answer technology and data related questions that influence our world academically, professionally, and personally. The open nature of the degree programs offer variety for how the specific studies of technology, data, analytics, and business are applied. Students who have intellectual curiosity, the desire to learn business technology skills, and the drive to apply themselves fully to their studies will find a broad array of applications and topics to which they can apply the hard and soft skills they learn in both the CIS and BDA degree programs.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

W. P. Carey is proud to offer a specialized honors version of core business curriculum. This honors version, offered in Fall and Spring semesters, takes a deeper dive into course material and allows students to engage on a higher level with their faculty and peers. Students of all business majors are able to access these courses:

  • ACC 261 Honors Fundamentals of Financial Accounting covers ACC 231/232
  • ACC 271 Honors Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting covers ACC 241/242
  • CIS 236 Honors Information Systems covers CIS 105 & 236
  • ECN 231 Honors Business Statistics covers ECN 221
  • FIN 303 Honors Finance covers FIN 300/302
  • MKT 303 Honors Marketing Theory & Practice covers MKT 300/302
  • MGT 303 Honors Organizational Strategies/Leadership covers MGT 300
  • SCM 303 Honors Global Supply Operations covers SCM 300