Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Academic Unit: 

The School of Film, Dance and Theatre Dance Honors Program offers in-depth educational experiences for majors pursing a bachelor’s degree in Dance or Dance education as well minors in Dance. Once accepted into the Barrett Honors College, students should make an appointment to consult with the Faculty Honors Advisor in Dance to become more familiar with the various opportunities available in the Dance Honors Program. Honors Dance students enrich their academic study by completing a specific number of required honors credits, which may be fulfilled through Honors Enrichment Contracts. Additionally, all students must produce a Thesis/Creative Project to complete Barrett Honors College graduation requirements. 

Students who are not Dance majors or minors also are encouraged to propose Honors Enrichment Contracts for Dance courses. If there is interest in producing a Thesis/Creative Project with a dance focus it is important to have taken previous Honors Enrichment Contracts in Dance including at least one upper division course.

Download Guidelines: File herberger_dance_honors_program.docx

Faculty Honors Advisors

Robert Kaplan

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

The thesis/creative project is a required two-semester, two-course experience. Barrett Honors students must complete the thesis preparation requirement met through an in-person or online thesis workshop prior to beginning this sequence.

All Dance Honors students take DCE 492 - Honors Directed Study to prepare a prospectus and DCE 493 - Honors Thesis to realize the project. This critical investigation represents the culmination of work developed during undergraduate study and usually involves making dance or movement-based work in a context specific venue. Students must work with the Dance Faculty Honors Advisor to enroll in Honors Directed Study courses.

Academic Preparation: 

Students in the Dance BFA program follow a creative practice course sequence that culminates in term 7 and 8 with DCE 460 (Transition Project I) and DCE 461 (Transition Project II). Barrett students enroll in these courses as well as in the two Barrett thesis courses (DCE 492 and DCE 493).

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Students are encouraged to create honors enrichment contracts in non-honors courses. These contracts are designed to provide more one-on-one interaction between faculty members and students and may take many forms, from individual contracts to those involving two or more students in the same class. It is a way to individualize the curriculum to meet the student’s interest. It also provides opportunities for faculty and students to have more intellectually rigorous discussions outside the classroom, usually for a minimum of eight hours per semester. Honors Enrichment Contracts are only available for courses taught by full-time, regular Dance faculty. It is encouraged that students discuss the honors option with their respective professor by the end of the first week of classes. Applications for these contracts must be submitted by the semester deadline as determined by the Barrett Honors College. 

Some examples are:
– Complete a small group project with other honors students 
– Conduct individual or team research that expands the context of material covered in the course
– Conduct an individual or team research project or assist with faculty research
– Create, test, and/or evaluate a program
– Prepare and present a class lecture
– Produce a research paper