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Jack Gantos, award winning author, discussed his life as a writer, his books and observations on life, during an appearance at ASU sponsored by the English Education Program in the Department of English.

Linguistics at Arizona State University is housed in the multidisciplinary Department of English, which recognizes that no single disciplinary perspective adequately accounts for the complexities of how people use language, participate in communication, and create and understand texts. With areas of strong national reputation and a professionally productive, multidisciplinarily engaged, and teaching-committed faculty, faculty embrace what we call “teacher-scholar” and “scholar-citizen” models, and look as well to our diverse communities for greater discourse. Within the Department of English, linguistics honors students create an individualized program of study, grounded in shared core requirements, and carry out an independent research project. We challenge each student to achieve her/his best performance and provide support through advising and faculty mentoring.

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Kathryn Pruitt

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Kathleen Langr

"As difficult to create as my project was, I never once found the work tasking. It was often my joy to curl up on the couch and pull out a slang dictionary for an evening of thorough study. The illustrations of non-verbal insults were particularly fun to create - my director even suggested I pick up an art major during my last semester of college."