Environmental & Resource Management

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering

The undergraduate environmental and resource management program offers hands-on projects and coursework for students seeking to understand the scientific and technological aspects of byproducts, environmental health, sustainability and natural resource conservation. Graduates go on to be expert leaders and problem solvers who work with consulting firms, government agencies and non-profit organizations to solve the global environmental challenges of the future. Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in Environmental and Resource Management should contact the lead FHA. Dr. Kiril Hristovski.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Kiril Hristovski

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

The Environmental and Resource Management program offers a wide scope of adequate thesis/creative project topics. These range from laboratory based experiences to working with government and non-government agencies on pertinent and contemporary environmental problems. The prospective candidate is expected to complete the tasks, which are agreed with the thesis/creative project, and document the completed activities in form of a written thesis or completed report. The Environmental and Resource Management program follows the Barrett two-person thesis committee rules.

Academic Preparation: 

Environmental and Resource Management honor's students are expected to have a strong foundation in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and specialty environmental topics such as drinking water and wastewater treatment, hazardous and solid waste management, or industrial and mobile sources of air pollution. The students should consider Honors Enrichment Contracts in the following courses and contact the appropriate instructors:
ERM 201 Introduction to Environmental Management
ERM 203 Environmental Regulations
ERM 302 Water and Wastewater Treatment
ERM 401 Hazardous Waste Management
ERM 402 Unit Treatment Technologies
ERM 406 Environmental Chemistry
ERM 407 Occupational Hygiene
ERM 426 Environmental Issues
ERM 428 International Environmental Management
ERM 432 Sustainable Solid Waste Systems
ERM 494 Environmental Health

ERM 494 Air Pollution and Toxic Chemicals – Instructor: Olson
ERM 494 Chemistry of Hazardous Materials – Instructor: Olson
ERM 494 Environmental Leadership Best Practices – Instructor: Brown