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"My honors thesis experience allowed me to research the physical, cultural, and political renovations that occurred to the urban geography of Paris in the nineteenth century. Drawing on my personal experience from studying abroad in Paris in college, I explored the first instances of the planned implementation and optimal locations of modern urban systems—such as paved roads, clean water, sewers, and municipal parks—and their importance to sustaining a growing metropolitan area. This thesis influenced me to pursue urban planning in graduate school." - Steven Simmerman

Concrete skills can be gained in mapping and spatial analysis of diverse phenomenon using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other techniques. Various degree options allow students to choose from the following:

Many of our students pursue dual majors and/or minors with fields such as urban planning, sustainability, and journalism. The following undergraduate degrees are also offered by our School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at ASU.

Beyond an array of exciting courses, opportunities for our students include hands-on research and applied experiences through internships and other avenues. Many of our majors go on to graduate programs or become consultants, researchers, teachers, or leaders in technology development. Our graduates are employed by cities and all levels of government as well as large companies and community organizations.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Kelli Larson