Graphic Information Technology

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Academic Unit: 
The Polytechnic School

The Graphic Information Technology (GIT) program is cross-media and includes courses in web design and development, user experience, photography, video production, animation, print and digital graphic design, and print technology. GIT offers honors students a variety of opportunities to extend their focus of interest into new areas, produce higher level academic and professional projects and products, and use their imagination to expand their learning beyond the classroom. For more information, visit the GIT webpage. Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in Graphic Information Technology should contact the lead FHA.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Laurie Ralston

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

A GIT honors thesis typically focuses on a creative project, such as a complete animation, book design, video production, web site or other product with a specific purpose. It may also include quantitative and/or qualitative research, depending on the focus of the project. All GIT full time faculty have a masters degree, which is considered a terminal degree in the program, and can serve as a thesis director or as a second committee member.

Academic Preparation: 
Students should be prepared to take four GIT and related courses in the area in which they plan to complete their thesis. They may also benefit from undertaking an internship in a related industry.
Other Honors Opportunities: 

Many GIT courses allow for honors contracts on a case-by-case basis. Students propose contracts to the GIT professors for their acceptance. GIT honors contracts typically extend the classroom learning. For example, in the print design course, one student designed a set of candy packages, while another designed a set of magazine covers.