Health Education/Promotion

College of Health Solutions

Taylor Williams, a Nutrition major, studies for her Biology 201 Practical in her floor's lounge in Taylor Place.

Our educational goals in NEWHS are to support the development of knowledge, critical thinking, and practical application of health principles taught in the NEWHS Programs that will help our undergraduates function as effective citizens, scholars, and health promotion professionals in the 21st century. Examples of general research areas are reduction in risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome; dietary assessment; and physical activity and lifestyle assessment technologies.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Marc Adams

Student Profile: 
Janessa Faust

"When I graduated from high school, I did not know what I wanted to study at the university. Recently I had started eating a gluten-free diet, for health reasons, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I decided to pursue a degree in nutrition. When I began to think about my thesis, I wanted to do something that contributed to my studies and it only made sense to pursue what had brought me to nutrition in the first place: the gluten-free diet."