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Students utilize their communication skills learned in the ASU French program as they participate in a study abroad in Paris.

In the world today, 200 million people in 56 countries speak French. Francophone literature and arts have shaped human culture for centuries and remain rich and abundant. The French program at ASU is the university’s bridge to the Francophone world. It offers both B.A. and M.A. degrees in literature and linguistics, with courses in French and Francophone language, literature, linguistics, theater, art, architecture, history, economics, politics, and civilization. For more on the thesis/creative project process in your major, download the following document: Language - French Honors Doc.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon french_language_fall_2017.pdf

Additional Document: PDF icon language-french-honors-doc.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Frederic Canovas
Office Hours: 
T and Th 2:45-4:00 in LL 413B