Russian and Slavic Studies

The College

Look for the following prefixes in the catalog: RUS, SLV, PLC, BCS. Occasionally SLC courses will feature Russian and/or other Slavic topics.
Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in Russian or Slavic should contact the lead FHA.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Danko Sipka

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

All projects are research and writing based. Students select their research projects in consultation with their advisor and then write their thesis. The thesis director must be a continuing faculty member at ASU with a terminal degree; the second committee member can be anyone with sufficient expertise in the thesis topic.

Academic Preparation: 
Depending on your topic, it is a good idea to complete upper-division courses in RUS or SLV. At the minimum SLV or RUS 492 and 493 should be completed for thesis research and thesis.
Other Honors Opportunities: 
Please contact the instructor to see if they can offer enrichment contracts.