Language: Spanish and Portuguese

The College

The study of Spanish provides students with linguistic competence to navigate the Spanish-speaking world across the global, and the study of literature and provide contributes to the development of students’ global awareness, in addition to providing complex, contrastive models as regards how other societies negotiate the lived human experience.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Cynthia Tompkins

Dulce Estevez

Daniel Vargas

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

The Honors thesis is the opportunity for the student to engage interpretively with a phenomenon of cultural production in an intellectually principled way and making use of appropriate theoretical and critical sources. Alternatives to the thesis are available, such as poster presentations, documentary film and photography, and students’ own exercises of cultural production, or any other format deemed appropriate by the supervisory committee.

Academic Preparation: 

Prior to embarking on a thesis, the student must have the equivalent of the Spanish BA, with courses distributed among upper-division language courses, survey and monographic literature courses, and courses devoted to the civilization and culture of the Hispanic world.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Any student who is majoring or minoring in Spanish and is taking language courses as of SPA 201 to SPA 412 can obtain honors credits working with Cynthia Tompkins.
Students taking SPA 201,202, 203, 204 write a 7 page essay in English on a topic related to Spain or a Latin American country.
Students taking SPA 313,314,315, 316, 412 write a 7 page essay in Spanish on a topic related to Spain or a Latin American country.
Students are not to begin writing until the topic is approved. Requirements, bibliography with 5 academic sources, outline, draft and final paper.