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College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

IHC and Barrett, the Honors College work together to provide their students academic advising, research and internship opportunities, scholarship information and access to distinguished lectures and other special events. By taking ENG, HST, COM, STS, PHI, TWC courses under an honors designation, honors students work on special projects that provide them an expanded understanding of the course subject matter. Often, these courses have a lower student-to-faculty ratio, allowing the students to work on exciting research with faculty members. Such experiences distinguish honors students from other students and help them gain entrance to graduate programs or garner sought-after jobs. Honors students receive special invitations to various events, including meeting industry, faculty, and staff. They can also gain funding for research or travel to conferences held in other cities.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Patricia Murphy

Thesis/Creative Projects: 
Honors Thesis projects in IHC can be research-based or creative. Students will work closely with a thesis director in their field, and a second reader adds flexibility and insight to the project.
Academic Preparation: 
It is best to take several courses in the major field before decided on a thesis, especially so that you can meet a variety of faculty members who might serve as Thesis Director and Reader.
Other Honors Opportunities: 
Most 200, 300, and 400 level classes in the major field can be taken for Honor's Credit. Simply ask the professor in the first week of class about potential projects. IHC offers several internships including Superstition Review and Young Writer's Studio.