Materials Science

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering in collaboration with Barrett, The Honors College will provide opportunities for our students to live, study, conduct research, and play, here at the ASU-Tempe Campus. As an honors student, you are part of an elite group on campus. Your participation will gain you access to a select advising group within Materials Science and Engineering, you will be invited to special Honors events, and your Honors degree will distinguish you from your peers in the graduate school admissions process and when applying for jobs in industry. Over 30% of the undergraduates in Materials Science and Engineering are members of Barrett, so you will be interacting with many other top students. Most of our Barrett students choose to become involved in research with professors, and there are many opportunities for that.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon mse_honors_info_sheet_-_jan_2019_-_v2.docx.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

James Adams

Student Profile: 
Michelle Myers

“I was majoring in photography and had forgotten how much science and analytical thought meant to me, but Dr. Martin’s Human Event class steered me back to it. Now I’m doubling majoring in Materials Science Engineering.”