Natural Sciences

New College
Academic Unit: 
School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Our faculty work to resolve key issues faced by our civilization, which are addressed through our research, teaching, and in our community outreach. We seek to infuse our students and the greater community with the ideals of impact, excellence, and access. We strive to create an inclusive student experience with extensive interdisciplinary opportunities. At the core of this experience is the opportunity for our students to work side-by-side with our faculty conducting authentic research in STEM disciplines. Our students are proficient in scientific inquiry and critical thinking, and ready to apply their skills to real life situations. In the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences we strive to educate and empower future STEM scholars and innovators.

Our 30+ faculty members include statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, forensic scientists, biologists, biotechnologists, and other natural science disciplines. Our research is funded by multiple federal and state agencies and we are one of the fastest growing research enterprises at the Arizona State University.

Any Barrett student who is considering majoring in Forensic Science should contact the lead FHA. Thank you.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Kimberly Kobojek

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

In the School of Math and Natural Sciences, the thesis work can be lab-related; it can be qualitative research; or the work can be a mix of the two (a creative project). Our unit abides by Barrett's requirements for a thesis committee and encourages the participation and inclusion of trans-disciplinary faculty on appropriate theses and/or creative projects. The student should meet with a potential thesis chair early in their planning process in order to find the "best fit" for their desired thesis or project.

Academic Preparation: 

Students need to be prepared to communicate in writing and in person. Students are expected to have a high level of writing skills, as well as be prepared to critically discuss their topic BOTH orally and in writing. Critical thinking skills and the application of those skills are paramount at this point in the student's academic career. The student must be able to explain not only "what", but also "why" to an audience.
These skills should be acquired throughout their academic career up to this point; however, some students may still feel challenged in this area. Open and constant communication between the student and thesis committee will help to assuage any challenges in this area.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Honors enrichment contracts are available in classes in the School of Math and Natural Sciences on a case-by-case basis. Interested students should contact their faculty member/instructor directly regarding completing an honors enrichment contract for their class.

The New College also has several opportunities for undergraduate research to include the New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences (NCUIRE) program, as well as Individualized Instruction (499) opportunities, and Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences offered each semester. Contact your FHA for more information.