Medical Studies

College of Health Solutions

The medical studies BS program provides students with the opportunity to meet the prerequisites for a variety of health professions programs (medicine MD/DO programs, dentistry, physician assistant, pharmacy, occupational therapy, optometry and others) and prepares the student for required postgraduate entrance exams, including the revised MCAT.

Students can customize the medical studies degree to meet the prerequisites of the health professions programs for which they intend to apply. Students have the opportunity to learn directly from health care providers who are currently practicing in the field, and they can select clinically related internships or electives during their junior year.

This degree program integrates communication, ethics, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership, all of which are essential competencies for members of today's health care teams.For more information please visit:

Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in the Medical Studies program at the downtown campus should contact Dr. Marjon Forouzeshyekta.

Faculty Honors Advisors

Marjon Forouzeshyekta

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

The thesis can be completed as a supplement to the MED internship course or as an independent study (research, clinical, creative project)under the mentorship of a faculty member (Thesis Director).. The minimum number of committee members is two, one of which must be the Thesis Director, who must be an ASU faculty member (i.e. tenure-line faculty, research faculty, lecturer,professor of practice). The second committee member may be faculty or non-faculty, depending on the decision of the Thesis Director or the academic unit of the director. A third committee member is not needed unless specified by the director or the academic unit of the director OR unless an external examiner is added (who will be a third committee member).

Academic Preparation: 

Students must follow a timeline and check in with their thesis director and committee members as determined at the start of the project. Students should also connect with health care providers in the field as needed to successfully complete their projects. The FHA can assist with connecting students with healthcare professionals and faculty with expertise in the field of interest.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Honors contracts are created on a case-by-case basis with course instructors. Students should reach out to their course instructors at the beginning of the semester to determine if an honors enrichment contract is available. Students have the opportunity to participate in two clinical internships (MED484) in the medical studies program where they will work directly with healthcare providers.