Nursing and Health Innovation (All majors)

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Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Barrett Honors students enrolled in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation have expanded opportunities to promote health and explore health-related issues.
Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in Nursing, Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Community Health, Health Care Compliance and Regulation, Health Care Coordination, or Integrative Health should contact the lead FHA.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon edson_college_faculty_research_scholarly_interests_08-19.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Dr. Debra Hagler

Dr. Felipe Castro

Dr. Megan Petrov

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

Honor’s Thesis Credits
Students must enroll in 3 credits of NUR 492: Honor’s Directed Study (a thesis preparation course that includes (1) developing an idea/topic, (2) confirming a Thesis Director & Committee members and (3) submitting the prospectus). NUR 492 is followed by 3 credits of NUR 493: Honor’s Thesis (a thesis/project implementation course that includes: (1) implementing the project (2) writing the project and (3) presenting the thesis in the next or subsequent semester(s). These courses are taken in sequence, beginning as early as Sophomore2. 

Barrett Edson Thesis Committee Requirements
Edson students must have a minimum of two faculty members on the thesis committee; a Thesis Director and a Committee Member (aka Reader). Students must choose a full-time faculty member in Edson as the Thesis Director. If the student prefers to have a faculty member from another ASU college as a Thesis Director, the Thesis Director position can be shared such that both faculty (including one from Edson) are Co-Directors. The Second Committee Member may be a full-time, part-time, or adjunct ASU faculty member from any ASU department or college. Exceptions to this thesis committee structure may be approved on an individual basis by the Edson Faculty Honors Advisor(s). Please contact an Edson Barrett Faculty Honors Advisor if you would like to discuss a change in this committee structure for your thesis/creative project.
Although only two committee members are required for CONHI Barrett Nursing Students, three members are encouraged when additional expertise or assistance is needed, such as for interdisciplinary projects and/or research in the community. The third committee member can be a faculty member or community leader. Committee members must be agreed upon by the student and the Thesis Director. 
Thesis Preparation
Honors students are strongly encouraged to identify a thesis topic before the first semester of the junior year. In order to develop a feasible project, students should contact faculty members with expertise or interests in the topic area. To discuss your thesis ideas broadly, or to help identify relevant faculty members for your goals and interests early in the process, contact the Edson Barrett Faculty Honors Advisors.: 
Forms related to the thesis / creative project are available on the Barrett Honors website.
Use APA 6th edition formatting for all submissions.

Developing a Prospectus: The Plan for Conducting the Research Study or Creative Project
Prior to initiating a research study or creative project, Barrett Honor’s students develop and submit a prospectus, which outlines the basic approach and procedures for conducting a thesis study or creative project. Barrett’s Honors College provides a prospectus form to guide the development of a prospectus. The student will develop the prospectus in coordination with the primary faculty member or members who will provide mentorship on the proposed study/project. Some faculty members will provide their own more detailed format to guide the development of the prospectus. Generally, the prospectus for a thesis or creative project provides an overview which describes the core areas of the creative project or thesis, as outlined below. The student will submit the prospectus to the Barrett Honors College prior to initiating work on the thesis study or creative project. 

Major Sections in the Research Study Document
Abstract - 250-500 word description in English that summarizes the thesis (Submit with Signature Title page to the Barrett advising office.)
Title Page / Signature Page - A signature title page must bear the original signatures of all committee members to verify acceptance of the thesis.
• Introduction and problem statement 
• Review of the literature 
• Research question and/or hypothesis (if a quantitative study)
• Framework (theoretical/conceptual framework) if needed
• Study design (quantitative or qualitative)
• Methods:
o Sample & setting
o Recruitment 
o Data collection
o Feasibility issues
o Data Analysis
• Findings / Results
• Discussion / Conclusion
• Limitations
• Application to nursing, healthcare, or health profession / Future recommendations
• References

Major Sections in the Creative Project Document
Abstract - 250-500 word description in English that summarizes the thesis (Submit with Signature Title page to the Barrett advising office.)
Title page / Signature Page - A signature title page must bear the original signatures of all committee members to verify acceptance of the thesis.
• Introduction
• Purpose – Rationale for project
• Background (topic) – personal experience, evidence, review of the literature
• Description of project
• Application to nursing, healthcare, or health profession
• Conclusion
• References

Academic Preparation: 

It is helpful if students complete the required research course for their academic major before or concurrently with beginning the honors thesis work.

When feasible, students are encouraged to precede the Honor’s Thesis Credits with one semester of NUR 499 or HCR 499 for experience working in a faculty member’s lab or on a project related to the planned topic for the student’s thesis. This work can provide practical experience in research or creative project activities to sharpen understanding and aid in defining and developing the thesis prospectus.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Honors Enrichment Contracts are negotiated individually at the beginning of a course with the course faculty.

Independent Study and Internships
Honors credit may be earned through enriched learning experiences such as independent study, research, or internships. Students work with faculty in research or community health projects to gain hands-on experience in their area of interest. Students may select from a wide array of research specialties that expand beyond Edson and include aging, maternal child nutrition, lactation, obesity, healthcare innovation, sleep, health inequities/disparities, health policy, and others. Some of the projects students have been involved in have ranged from collecting data for an obesity prevention grant to health screening at a local community center for people experiencing homelessness. Honors credits (up to 3 credits) in independent study are possible by enrolling in NUR 499 (See Form at the end of this document). Enrollment in NUR499 requires approval by the supervising faculty member and identification of specific objectives that the student will meet over the course of a semester. Barrett Edson students enroll in NUR 499, while Barrett non-Edson students enroll in HCR 499. Please contact the Barrett Faculty Honors Advisor(s) if you are interested in independent study/research and need assistance to identify interested faculty.