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In addition to its regular, enlightening classroom experience, the School of Politics and Global Studies (SPGS) has numerous opportunities to explore for Barrett Honors College students majoring in political science. Although many of these opportunities are available to all political science majors, they may be especially appealing to our honors students. These activities include internships in Arizona and Washington, D.C.; working on research and teaching with faculty members in SPGS; taking graduate seminars in our 4+1 accelerated master’s degree program; scholarships; student organizations; and classes taken for Honors credit. At the end of this document (see attached "Honors Opportunities in Political Science"}, we provide some guidance for the capstone of the experience: the successful completion of an honors thesis in political science.or this and other longer text boxes, please include links to locations on the web that you are sharing (i.e. club pages, calendars, resources, etc).

Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in Political Science should contact the lead FHA Prof Avital Simhony at Simhony@asu.edu.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon honor_opportunities_in_political_science_0.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Avital Simhony

Thorin Wright (On Sabbaatical for Fall 2019)

Henry Thomson

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

A typical thesis comprises empirical research, qualitative research, or normative theory research in any of the sub-fields of political science: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and
political theory.

Please see the attached doucment for more details about honors in Political Science.