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Academic Unit: 
Morrison School of Agribusiness

The W. P. Carey School of Business at the Polytechnic Campus, the Morrison School of Agribusiness, and the Honors College work together to provide academic advising, research and internship opportunities, scholarship information and access to distinguished lectures and other special events. By taking courses in Global Agribusiness, Food Industry Management, Business Administration, Human Resources, Communication, Management, or Technology under an honors designation, honors students work on special projects that provide them with an expanded understanding of the course subject matter. Often, these courses have a lower student-to-faculty ratio, allowing the students to work on exciting research with faculty members. Such experiences distinguish honors students from other students and help them gain entrance to graduate programs or garner sought-after jobs. Honors students receive special invitations to various events, including the opportunity to meet industry professionals. They can also gain funding for research or travel to conferences held in other cities.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon morrison_school_honors_opportunities_2020.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Mark Manfredo

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

We are highly flexible regarding thesis format. Some examples include:

  1. Food, Water, and Energy Policy Design and Analysis
  2. Business Plan Creation and Implementation
  3. Consumer Survey Design and Statistical Analysis
  4. Restaurant Management and Best Practices
  5. Global Food and Agricultural Trade Analysis
  6. Strategic Simulation Models
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Hands-on projects that involve agricultural production (hydroponics, farmers markets, community gardens, etc.)

We do not have additional requirements regarding who can serve on a committee beyond Barrett's requirements.

Academic Preparation: 

Completion of most required classes in a particular major.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Contracts are created on a case-by-case basis. Some examples of courses in which honors contracts have been highly successful are:

  • Economics of Resource Allocation, Food, and Agriculture (AGB 250)
  • Food and Agribusiness Policy Issues (AGB 414)
  • Food Advertising¬†and Promotion (AGB 420)
  • Commodity Futures and Options (AGB 435)
  • Global Food and Agricultural Policy (AGB 452)
  • Food Production Innovation and Development (AGB 456)