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Douglas T. Kenrick, Professor of Psychology and Senior Sustainability Scientist delivers a lecture to students.

Students intending to undertake an honors thesis in Psychology should plan on completing the honors sequence in Psychology, which consists of a two-semester sequence of courses in the Spring and Fall. The sequence is intended for students in Barrett or who are eligible for the honors college, especially those planning to complete a graduate or professional degree in Psychology.

Download Guidelines: File psych_honorsapp_fall2017.docx

Faculty Honors Advisors

Clark Presson

William Corbin

Cheryl Conrad

Student Profile: 
Natalie Young

"Throughout my studies at ASU, I’ve learned time and time again that parents are perhaps the single most important influence on a developing child’s life. Furthermore, I have a deeply vested interest in one day working with families to ensure that children have the chance they deserve to develop in the most positive, supportive environment possible to become effective adults. Understanding the nuances of parenting, I believe, will bring me one step closer to achieving this professional goal. That is why this topic was so important to me. Although this might sound rather corny, the most important thing I learned throughout this process was just how much I’m capable of. For some students, writing an honors thesis may seem like a trivial academic endeavor, but I had never before taken on a project of this magnitude. A classic over-extender, I often found myself nearly buckling under the pressure of juggling my honors thesis, a full-time class schedule, part-time work, and the faint remnants of a social life. But I did it. That’s really the most important thing – I did it, and I did it well."