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Honors Opportunities in the College of Health Solutions

The College of Health Solutions (CHS) aims to prepare the next generation of health professionals through a broad set of health degree programs. We have recently introduced degree programs that will prepare professionals for continued graduate education and health leadership positions. We are thrilled to offer challenging and rewarding experiences to Barrett students across ASU. Welcome!

Honors Opportunities in Public Health
The Bachelor of Science Public Health is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in the core concepts of public health; namely health behavior, health statistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health administration and policy. The degree prepares public health practitioners who are competent to plan, implement, evaluate and monitor public health functions in local, state, national and international settings. Graduates are prepared to fill entry-level positions in public and community health as well as to further their education through the Master of Public Health, Master of Health Administration, Master or PhD in Population Health, or other advanced degree programs. The bachelor's degree in public health is designed to appeal to students with interests in population rather than individual health.
Download Guidelines: PDF icon chshonorsoppspublichealth.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Marc Adams
FHA Office Hours: 
W 3:00PM - 4:00 PM; By appointment

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

The Honors Thesis project is an excellent opportunity to gain experience conducting original research under the advisement of a public health faculty member. A topic for your thesis or creative project usually emerges from an aspect of an introductory course that sparks your interest and/or is the result of a collaboration between you and a faculty member in their lab. This topic becomes more refined as a depth of knowledge is developed in negotiation with your faculty thesis director. Most theses involve quantitative field- or lab-based research. Often faculty members have secondary datasets that students can use to examine a topic. Students can also collect and analyze original data. Qualitative theses are also acceptable, but less frequent. A minimum of two-person thesis committee is required. The thesis director must be a continuing faculty member at ASU with a terminal degree. The second committee member can be faculty or anyone with sufficient expertise in the thesis topic, as approved by the thesis director.

Please reach out to your FHA, Dr. Marc Adams (, to help you identify eligible public health faculty doing research in your area of interest.  
Academic Preparation: 

All Barrett Honors students are must complete a thesis/creative project information session prior to enrolling in thesis credit (492 or 493). The session is designed to make certain each student has been informed about the process, expectations, and deadlines. Students may complete this requirement in several ways.

Other Honors Opportunities: 
Honors contract is a great opportunity to develop new academic experiences. Contracts are created on a case-by-case basis. Examples include: interview a professional about their career, shadow a professional, help develop new course materials, or help modify an entire course. Honors contracts are negotiated with faculty members and must be filled during the first four weeks of class. They must be completed during the semester in which the course is offered. The enrichment contract form offers guidelines to aid students and faculty in developing appropriate contracts.

• Explore Barrett Resources: Barrett has excellent online resources outlining the Honors Thesis projects. 
• Attend a Thesis Workshop: Barrett also arranges several workshops throughout the semester to help you get started with your thesis and to de-mystify the thesis process.
• Talk to CHS Faculty: Faculty have experience mentoring students on the Honors Thesis and can guide you through the process and advise you what they might expect. 
• Review Past Thesis Documents: Barrett Honors College has a library of documents previously prepared by Honors students. These are an excellent resource to help plan the structure of your document. You can schedule an appointment to view past projects in the Barrett Thesis Library by contacting the Barrett Advising Office at or 480-965-9155.
• Attend Thesis Defences: Every student publicly presents thesis outcomes as part of a defense. Attending a defense before you do your own will help you prepare and give you a sense of how to present your outcomes as well as the kinds of questions you might expect. A schedule of upcoming defenses can be found on the Barrett site.