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Through rich interdisciplinary coursework, students learn to think critically about the human experience while working within, outside, and across the boundaries of traditional liberal arts disciplines. Students gain powerful, life-enriching, practical skills that make them fluid communicators and creative thinkers who are well-equipped to solve global challenges, making them excellent candidates on the job market.

Students work directly with accomplished faculty members who are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research.

Barrett students considering majoring or minoring in programs housed in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies should contact Dr. Francine McGregor at

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Francine McGregor

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

Thesis projects in SHArCS can range from performance pieces or art installations with written introductions, to in depth research writing, to creative writing, and so on. The form of the thesis depends on the student's coursework and the thesis committee's expertise.

Academic Preparation: 

Relevant academic preparation for the thesis will vary among programs, though at a minimum, a student must have completed coursework in the discipline/s they wish to employ in their project.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Students are encouraged to consult with faculty members about research internship opportunities. Faculty members editing journals and book series, for example, may be able to provide students valuable research opportunities.