Software Engineering

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering

Software Engineering courses at the Polytechnic campus offer honors students the opportunity to expand their interests in areas such as web and mobile, embedded systems and games/graphics development. Students can enroll for honors contracts in these areas by talking to the course instructor at the start of the semester. Honors thesis options are also available in these areas and several faculty members actively mentor honors thesis students.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Ashraf Gaffar

Student Profile: 
Nicholas Coury

"Exercise is an integral part of keeping humans healthy and happy, yet many find it difficult to exercise on a regular basis. Organized athletic events encourage people to find active communities and train regularly towards a goal. Additionally, many of these events support charitable causes. For small races, timing is a significant cost because most systems contain custom hardware. This project seeks to build a timing system within the budget of small races using low cost, off-the-shelf hardware utilized in industry to track inventory. This enables individuals and clubs to afford timing systems, encouraging more frequent and less costly events."