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Our educational goals in SoLS are to catalyze the development of knowledge, technical, and critical thinking skills in the life sciences that will help our undergraduates function as effective citizens, scientists, and scholars in the 21st century. Most of our undergraduate courses can be taken for honors credit; Activities for your honors contract might include writing papers, preparing class material and giving presentations, attending discussion groups, or developing lab exercises.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

James Collins

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Glenn Markov

"The thesis was the culmination of my research I was doing in the biological sciences. It reflects the fact that I will be doing research as part of my graduate study in the biological sciences. It helped in my track towards becoming an independent researcher. The ability of lizards to self-amputate their tail and grow another is one of the most striking examples of vertebrate regeneration. Data from the literature and histological analysis supports a model in which a proliferating, mesenchymal cell population is maintained in the distal tip of the tail during axial elongation. We hypothesize that a signaling feedback mechanism between the wound epithelium, which covers the site of amputation early in the regenerative process, and the mesenchyme beneath it plays a key role in stimulating regeneration."