Supply Chain Management

W.P. Carey School of Business

The Department of Supply Chain Management is the highest ranked program in the business School and has been ranked in the top 5 nationwide in the last decade. Graduates from the supply chain program are consistently being sought by top American and Global companies. Supply Chain Management is central to most organizations' effectiveness (manufacturing and service businesses and not for profit organizations), hence the increasing need for supply chain management graduates. Find more information about Supply Chain Management on the W.P. Carey website.
Any Barrett student who is considering majoring or minoring in supply chain management should contact Dr Adegoke Oke

Faculty Honors Advisors

Adegoke Oke

Antonios Printezis

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

A typical thesis would be done on a topic within the supply chain management field. It could be as a result of a problem or an issue that the student has noticed, encountered or read about. It would involve the identification of the research problem, literature review around the subject and some field study if applicable (i.e. qualitative or quantitative data collection). The Barrett student will be expected to discuss their idea with the FHA who may be able to guide the student to an appropriate faculty to act as the thesis director. The research will culminate in a final report (typically between 15 and 35 pages) that will be defended through an oral presentation by the student. For more information, please contact the FHA.
Generally, the supply chain department abides by Barrett's requirements for who can serve on a committee.

Academic Preparation: 

A background in supply chain management or other appropriate Carey track is required.

Other Honors Opportunities: 

Alternative Honors Thesis: The department allows an alternative thesis to be carried out instead of the creative honors thesis. This requires students to attend at least four research seminars organized by the department of supply chain management. Such seminars are usually presented by active research professors invited from other universities. These seminars are based on the invited researchers' areas of research which are typically topical and reflect current research in the field. It should be noted that the target audience for the seminars is primarily the faculty. However, if interested, Barrett students can attend these seminars, provide a summary of at least four, and choose one that is of most interest to do a more detailed literature review on. This will culminate in a final report by the student that will be defended in the same way that the creative projects are handled. For more information, please contact the FHA.
For the alternative thesis, the Director must be a faculty with a PhD degree.

Additionally, W. P. Carey is proud to offer a specialized honors version of core business curriculum. This honors version, offered in Fall and Spring semesters, takes a deeper dive into course material and allows students to engage on a higher level with their faculty and peers. Students of all business majors are able to access these courses:

  • ACC 261 Honors Fundamentals of Financial Accounting covers ACC 231/232
  • ACC 271 Honors Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting covers ACC 241/242
  • CIS 236 Honors Information Systems covers CIS 105 & 236
  • ECN 231 Honors Business Statistics covers ECN 221
  • FIN 303 Honors Finance covers FIN 300/302
  • MKT 303 Honors Marketing Theory & Practice covers MKT 300/302
  • MGT 303 Honors Organizational Strategies/Leadership covers MGT 300
  • SCM 303 Honors Global Supply Operations covers SCM 300