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Any Barrett student who is considering a major in Film or Theatre in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre should make an appointment as soon as possible with the Lead Faculty Honors Advisor.

Barrett Honors students who work with faculty mentors or thesis directors in theatre and film create multiple advantages for themselves in securing internships, research opportunities, or other opportunities related to the major that often become the source of thesis topics. Barrett students who work closely with faculty through the thesis/creative project process have unique advantages in demonstrating their scholarly and artistic commitment. ASU Faculty and Barrett alumni are often available to discuss the value of the thesis/creative project not only as good preparation for graduate and professional
school, but in securing a meaningful letter of recommendation from a professor who has worked through the process with you, values your commitment and is often willing to
place you in contact with colleagues at other prestigious graduate programs nationwide.

Your thesis/creative project may help you get admitted to the graduate school of your choice. Graduate schools frequently require writing or research samples as part of the
application process and this criteria is often weighted heavily in evaluating your skills and preparation for succeeding in their program. The honors creative project may serve as your bridge to the professional world of theatre or film. The completion of a solo performance piece or original film, for example, may provide the opportunity to perform or exhibit in a variety of venues including local theatres or national and international theatre and film festivals.

Download Guidelines: PDF icon honors-thesis-and-creative-projects-in-the-school-of-film-dance-and-theatre.pdf

Faculty Honors Advisors

Kristin Hunt

Thesis/Creative Projects: 

In Theatre and Film:

  • The thesis/creative project may be conceived as a synthesis of the student’s previous work and experiences or an immersion in a particular area of interest.
  • The goal of the project is quality, not quantity (e.g., a one-act, not a three-act, production).
  • Students may choose to work individually or collaboratively.

Examples of Performance/Production Projects

  • Directing a play or performing in a major role
  • Solo or collaborative work on an original production (e.g., collaborative work: one student writes, another directs, a third designs, and the fourth performs)
  • Forum Theatre presentations (e.g., Augusto Boal) on social issues for a participatory audience.
  • Performance art
  • Dance/movement concert
  • Puppetry performance
  • Storytelling concert
  • Musical theatre/opera (excerpts) concerts, revues
  • Directing a short film

Examples of Writing Projects

  • An original play, teleplay, or screenplay
  • Research paper (geared for conference presentation or publication)
  • Curriculum design
  • Empirical/survey research (e.g., audience preferences/attitudes, market research, evaluation research)
  • A manifesto/credo for a new theatre production company
  • Director’s prompt book
  • Stage Manager’s book

Design/Technology Projects

  • Schematics or product incorporating new technology for theatre production practice.
  • Sketches, renderings, sample costume construction for a frequently produced play, or an original play by a student
  • Ground plans, working drawings, set models for a frequently produced play, or an original play by a student
  • With faculty supervision, a realized lighting design for a student production in the Rehearsal Hall, Lyceum, etc.
  • Virtual scenery
  • Portfolio of design work
  • Software for the theatre
  • Photo/visual art exhibition
  • Video, web site/CD-rom presentation
  • Sound presentation

The minimum number of committee members will be two, a director and second committee member. The director MUST be an ASU lecturer or tenure-line faculty member.

Academic Preparation: 

Coursework in the major or minor, including Honors Contracts, will prepare the student to complete a thesis. Prior to enrolling in FMP/THE HON 492 or 493, all students must complete a thesis/creative project information session. This requirement may be fulfilled by
completing one of the following:

  • HON 498 “Thesis Prep Course,” a one-credit hour course offered on the downtown campus.
  • One of the Thesis Workshop Sessions periodically offered by Barrett.
  • The on-line workshop offered through Barrett via ASU Blackboard.
Other Honors Opportunities: 

Honors Film and Theater Courses taught in the SoFDT include:
FMP 492 Honors Directed Study
FMP 493 Honors Thesis
HON 294 Acting Introduction
HON 394 Performance Seminar: Myth and Ritual
THE 492 Honors Directed Study
THE 493 Honors Thesis
THP 385/HON 394 Acting: Classical and Poetic Drama

Students may enroll in Honors Enrichment Contracts in most Film and Theater

Information about Honors Internship Opportunities can be found online.