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Obtaining honors credit for general coursework can include writing an essay or research paper, completing a project with a local community service agency, or developing a creative project related to your coursework. Our program provides great flexibility and creativity in allowing students to create and choose their own unique projects.

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Faculty Honors Advisors

Sujey Vega

Student Profile: 
Sarah Norman

"I selected my topic because of a deep-rooted interest in social justice as it pertains to women. By researching the diverse ways in which Mexican women negotiate ethnic identity in the United States, one can have a better idea of how this population functions within Anglo-American culture and subsequently how to address issues ranging from cultural inclusion to assimilation. My advice to others working on their theses would be to get started early! The process of thesis topic selection can be difficult; you’ll want to choose a topic that interests you both academically and personally. By doing so, you will have an easier and more enjoyable thesis experience."