Barrett works with all ASU schools and colleges to identify and match students with research opportunities. As early as the first year in Barrett, students are able to secureĀ undergraduate research opportunities in multipleĀ fields of study.

Programs specific to Barrett students are:

For students seeking a research position, we encourage you to take advantage of the following resources:

  • Check this webpage and the Honors Digest for available research positions
  • Connect with other Barrett students to learn what opportunities they participated in during their Honors experience
  • Attend information sessions hosted by Barrett and ASU schools and colleges
  • Speak with your Honors Advisor
  • Meet with your Faculty Honors Advisor

For ASU Faculty

ASU faculty can promote research opportunities to Barrett Honors College students by completing the online questionnaire. Once the position is approved, it will be promoted to Barrett students through the Honors Digest and social media platforms.

Research Funding

Barrett, The Honors College has funds available to support research and research-related activities. Students can receive up to $1000 to support work on their honors thesis or creative project. Additionally, students can receive up to $1000 for other research or creative activities such as travel. Please see the links below to explore opportunities.

The Bidstrup and Barrett Research Fellowship
Quesada Research Award
Student Summer Development Program
Thesis and Project Funding