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The Barrett honors thesis/creative project is the culmination of the entire honors experience and undergraduate education.  It is an opportunity to work closely with faculty and advance knowledge in the discipline in a meaningful way.  A thesis/creative project demonstrates experience with design, execution, analysis, and presentation in the chosen field of study.  

Barrett is here to support students throughout this process. The more students communicate with faculty and staff to better understand the process, the more it enhances your education. Please explore the resources available to ensure success.

Searchable Digital Thesis Folder

Upcoming Deadlines:

Your thesis/creative project deadlines are relative to your term of project completion or your ASU undergraduate graduation, whichever is first.

Spring 2020
Prospectus: April 5, 2019                
Final Prospectus: September 13, 2019 
Online Defense Reporting Form: March 6, 2020
Recommended Defense Completed*: April 3, 2020
Final Submission (signed signature title page, abstract, and digital submission): April 17, 2020

Fall 2020     
Prospectus: November 1, 2019
Final Prospectus: February 14, 2020 
Online Defense Reporting Form: October 9, 2020
Recommended Defense Completed*: October 23, 2020
Final Submission (signed signature title page, abstract, and digital submission): November 13, 2020

Spring 2021
Prospectus Due Date: April 3, 2020
Final Prospectus Due Date: September 11, 2020
Defense Reporting Form Due: March 5, 2021
Recommended Defense Completed*: April 2, 2021
Final Submission Due (signed signature title page, abstract, and digital submission): April 16, 2021

Don't see your graduation term listed? Follow these general guidelines for planning and be sure to contact your assigned for advisor for specific details.

Fall Semester Graduates
Prospectus: Early November
Final Prospectus: Mid-February
Online Defense Reporting Form: Early October
Recommended Defense Completed*: Late October
Final Submission Due: Mid-November

Spring Semester Graduates
Prospectus: Early April
Final Prospectus: Mid-September
Online Defense Reporting Form: Early March
Recommended Defense Completed*: Early April
Final Submission Due: Mid-April

* Barrett recommends that you defend by this date. The defense date is subject to your Director’s approval. Please note that if you defend after this date, you will have less time to make any revisions by the final due date.