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Faculty working 1-on-1 with a student

The honors thesis project is the culmination of Barrett students’ honors experience and their entire undergraduate education.

The thesis allows students the opportunity to work closely with faculty on important research questions and creative ideas. Student theses can have either a research or creative focus, and enable students to design, execute and present an intellectually rigorous project in their chosen field of study. Click here to listen to an honors faculty, Dr. April Miller, describe the value of the thesis for one Barrett student’s professional development.

A student may work on their thesis project independently or in a small group. Students may also join a thesis cohort or thesis pathway program to work alongside peers exploring similar themes and questions. A thesis cohort brings together students working on similar topics or within the same theme, such as “Fandom and Pop Culture” or “Science, Medicine and Society.” In a thesis pathway, students take an upper division honors seminar (e.g., HON 394) one semester and then complete their honors thesis in the following semester on a topic related to the seminar class. In both the thesis cohort and thesis pathway, students receive mentorship and support from their faculty advisor and from their peers. There are different models of thesis cohorts and pathways within Barrett and across ASU. Barrett Advising can help students choose the kind of thesis that best suits their needs and talents.

At the end of every Spring semester, Barrett hosts the Celebrating Honors Symposium, an event which showcases the innovative thinking in a wide variety of Barrett students’ research and creative thesis projects.

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