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The following Thesis/Creative Project defenses are open to the ASU community.  Attending a defense is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Barrett students and to observe the defense process firsthand.  If you are interested in attending, it is courteous to email the student ahead of time to inform them of your planned attendance. Look up the student email in the ASU Directory.

To be included on this calendar, please fill out the Defense Reporting Form.

Defense Calendar

Last Name: First Name: Date of Defense:sort descending Thesis or Creative Project Title: Thesis Director Campus: Dept Time Building/Room
Tindall Isabella November 20, 2019 Funny For A Girl Micha Espinosa Tempe School of Theatre 10:30am FAC 233
Meador Keily November 21, 2019 Redefining Vulnerability: Observations on Community Connections Dr. Scott Cloutier Tempe School of Sustainability 1:00PM Sage 141
Richards Nicole November 21, 2019 The Child Chronic Pain and Internalizing Symptoms Relation Dr. Mary C Davis Tempe Department of Psychology 1:30PM PSY263
Lythgoe Zachary November 21, 2019 FPGA Machine Learning: CNN Feedforward with Minimal Hardware Resources David Allee Tempe School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering 4:00PM Willow 112
Kien Cassandra November 22, 2019 Identifying Cell Death Pathways in Melanoma Induced By Myxoma Grant McFadden Tempe School of Life Sciences 9:30 AM Biodesign Auditorium
Kwok Connie November 22, 2019 A Comparison of Hand and Computer Coding of Expressions of Emotion Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant Tempe Psychology 9:30AM Psychology Library
Ghannam Hamza November 22, 2019 Potential for Resolvins and Browning Genes in Adipocytes of Diabetic Obese Patients Christos Katsanos Tempe School of Life Sciences | Mayo Clinic 10am Wexler 202
Tenty Ryan November 22, 2019 Analysis of Red for Ed and Public Opinion on Education Policy Dr. Gina Woodall Tempe School of Politics and Global Studies 1:30PM Coor Hall 6605
Darmawaskita Nicole November 22, 2019 Developing Multimodal Node Graphs: Pattern Recognition Through Sound Troy McDaniel Tempe School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering 4-5PM BYENG 380
Travieso Alejandra November 22, 2019 Did he Kill the Mockingbird? Donald Fette Tempe Barrett, the Honors College 9:30am Sage South 141
Petri Griffin November 22, 2019 Drones for Search and Rescue: Improving Outcomes When Seconds Count Dr Don Fette Tempe Honors 11:30 AM Cottonwood 101
Consalvo Nathaniel November 25, 2019 A Comparative Analysis of Orthodox and Gnostic Christian Proselytization Practices in Antiquity Dr. Karen Bruhn Tempe Barrett, The Honors College and School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies 9:30AM Willow 112
Currat Luna Daphne November 25, 2019 Challenges for Women in Business in Ecuador: Solutions achieved through creativity, innovation, and association Mary Sully de Luque West Thunderbird School of Global Management 10:00am - 12pm UCB 322
Kania Adrian November 25, 2019 Real Estate Investment Trusts: Their Impact on Housing Demands Lawrence Licon Tempe Finance 11:00am-12:00pm BAC570
Hu Lawrence November 26, 2019 4D Data Visualization in Augmented Reality: An Application to aid with decision-making for Ebola Vaccines Rick Hall Downtown Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation 1pm HEALab
Bryant Gillian December 2, 2019 Mediators in Animal Assisted Activities Dr. Clive Wynne Tempe Psychology 2pm PSY 230
Frazier Victoria December 2, 2019 Curricular Design in Languages for the Professions: The Case of a Needs Analysis for the Design of a Course in Spanish for Pharm Barbara Lafford Tempe College of Integrative Sciences and Arts 2:30PM Cottonwood 103
Baldwin Lauren December 3, 2019 Sex Differences in Criminal Ideation Dr. Douglas Kenrick Tempe Psychology 1:30pm Psychology Building, Room 263
Martos Christopher December 3, 2019 Leaders at Face-Value Douglas Kenrick Tempe Psychology 1:30 Psy263
Ramsey Grace December 3, 2019 Domino Drug Policy: The Implications of Arizona’s Conformity to Federal Narcotic Regulation Dr. Marie Provine Downtown School of Criminology and Criminal Justice/ School of Public Affairs 12:00PM UCENT 580A
Glynn Julia December 6, 2019 Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Drag on Different Cycling Outfits Dr. Timothy Takahashi Tempe SEMTE 9:00 AM SS227
Roman Brian January 24, 2020 Voluntourism Participants' Attitude Toward the Environment, Culture, and Community Gyan Nyaupane Tempe School of Community Resources and Development 3PM Honors Hall 123
Gallante Christina February 12, 2020 Characterization of mRNA Transcription Termination and Cleavage in C. elegans Marco Mangone Tempe School of Life Sciences 10:00AM Biodesign A250