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The following Thesis/Creative Project defenses are open to the ASU community.  Attending a defense is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Barrett students and to observe the defense process firsthand.  If you are interested in attending, it is courteous to email the student ahead of time to inform them of your planned attendance. Look up the student email in the ASU Directory.

To be included on this calendar, please fill out the Defense Reporting Form.

Defense Calendar

Last Name: First Name: Date of Defense:sort descending Thesis or Creative Project Title: Thesis Director Campus: Dept Time Building/Room
Daval Charles February 5, 2018 Theory Jam: A New Approach to Teaching Music Theory Dr. April Miller Tempe Barrett 10:30 AM Cereus 101
Kingsbury Andrew February 6, 2018 How expanding Advanced Practice Nurses's Scope of Practice can Improve the US Health Care System Jennifer Brian Tempe Barrett, The Honors College 2:30pm Willow 112
Brown Nichol February 9, 2018 Cinderella and Her “Faux Feminist” Contemporary Retellings Lisa Barca Tempe Barrett, The Honors College 12:30PM Sage 142
Bottino Erin February 19, 2018 ASU Eats: Utilizing Meal Plans to Feed Arizona State’s Food Insecure Dr. Maureen Goggin Tempe Department of English 10 AM RBH 117
Wolfus Sarah February 19, 2018 Music Therapy and Its Effects on Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults Living in Independent Living Homes Dr. Rebecca Lee Downtown College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI) 10:00 a.m. Health North 105
John Raveena February 19, 2018 The EcoCode: Redesigning the Urban Block Dr. Braden Allenby Tempe School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment 2:30 CAVC 401
Ngai Courtney February 22, 2018 Immersion of Choice Melissa Britt Tempe Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts 1PM FAC B29 (Green Room)
Goldsmith Ilyssa February 23, 2018 Envisioning Female-Strong: Reclaiming the Feminine Heroine of Young Adult Literatute Diane Gruber West Communication 11:00AM SANDS 205
Martin Taylor February 23, 2018 The Urban Heat Island: Temperature and Food Effects on Male Black Widow Spiders Development and Behavior James C. Johnson West School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 2 PM CLCC 254
Irwin Carter February 26, 2018 Easy Guide to Bonds Seth Pruitt Tempe Finance 8am-10am BAC 570
Garver Emily February 26, 2018 The Effects of Extreme Urban Heat on the Behavioral Syndromes of Juvenile Black Widow Spiders, Latrodectus hesperus Chad Johnson West School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 2PM Sands 233
Driscoll Ashley March 1, 2018 De Aqui, De Alla, De Las Dos: Three Women's Language Learning Journeys from Mexico to Arizona Elizabeth Horan Tempe SILC, CLAS 5-6 PM Cottonwood 101
Kratz Alexander March 2, 2018 In Cell Western Blotting for Quantifying Protein Expression in 3D Tumor-Stroma Microfluidic Device Mehdi Nikkhah Tempe School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering 1:00 PM ISTB1
Ozeran Rachel March 16, 2018 An Examination of the Extent of Pharmaceutical Industry Involvement in the Current Opioid Epidemic Benjamin Fong Tempe Barrett, The Honors College 2PM Sage South 141
Votaw Alexandra March 20, 2018 On developing a model for teaching fundamental ecological principles to 3rd-5th graders and why it is important to do so. Kelli Larson Tempe School of Sustainability 12:00 pm Wrigley Hall room 102
Gadau Alice March 21, 2018 Effects of urbanization on the nutritional physiology and gut microbiome of house sparrows (Passer domesticus) Karen Sweazea Tempe School of Life Sciences 9AM -12PM LSE 2014
Shukla Prakriti March 22, 2018 Role of S6K1 on structural and metabolic changes in the brain of a mouse model of AD Dr. Salvatore Oddo Tempe School of Life Sciences 9:00 AM Biodesign AL1-1014
Migray Emilee March 22, 2018 The Effects of Fast Food Health Claims on College Student Perceptions of Health Nancy Gray Tempe Marketing 3pm BAC 445
Valdivia Lilianna March 23, 2018 Latina Women in STEM: Analysis of Race, Class, and Cultural Capital of Undergraduate Women in STEM Majors at ASU Dr. Linda Kim West Social and Behavioral Sciences and New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences 1PM UCB 322
Horen Sophia March 27, 2018 Differences in Student-Perceived Anxiety and Attention Levels Between Italian Language and Non-Language Courses Chiara Dal Martello Tempe School of International Letters and Cultures 3PM LL165
Denson Tabitha March 28, 2018 On Being: Multidimensional Experiences of the Self in Landscapes and Dreamscapes Dr. Francine McGregor West English 2pm University Center Building, Suite #201, Athena Room
Kaminsky Brittany March 28, 2018 Epaxial Muscles Serve as Water Reserve for Children’s Pythons (Antaresia childreni) Coping With Dehydration During Gravidity; an Dale DeNardo Tempe SoLS 10:00 AM LSE 244
Schott Nicole March 28, 2018 STEM Learning Centers Molina Walters Polytechnic Mary Lou Fulton 2:30 pm Santan 103
Feise Natasha March 29, 2018 Testing the Anti-Glycemic Effect of Commercial Vinegar Pills Carol Johnston Downtown Nutrition and Health Solutions 9:00AM-10:15AM UCENT 317
Stea Alexandra March 30, 2018 Nutrition's Role in the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease Sarah Martinelli Tempe NTR 9:30am Health North 412 - Downtown Phoenix Campus
Rezzonico Jordan March 30, 2018 The Impact of Sustainable Supply Chain Governance in the Fast Fashion Industry Kevin Dooley Tempe Supply Chain Management 11 AM BA 414
Colbert Julia March 30, 2018 Evaluating Whole-School Sustainability Dr. Michael Schoon Tempe School of Sustainability 3:00pm Wrigley Hall Room 481
Balderas Erica April 2, 2018 Youth Engagement in the Town of Guadalupe Lili Wang Tempe School of Community Resources and Development 2 PM UCENT 580
Whitmore Ben April 2, 2018 Speleothem Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Analysis Curtis Marean Tempe School of Human Evolution and Social Change 11AM SHESC 340
Reynolds Dylan April 3, 2018 The Future of Mental Health Treatment and Training: A Restorative Approach Hank Fradella Downtown Criminology and Criminal Justice 2:00PM UCENT 620A
Tully McKayla April 3, 2018 The Effect of Anxiety and Working Memory on Decision Making Patterns in Young Military Veterans Dr. Tamiko Azuma Tempe Speech and Hearing Science 11 AM Coor 3501
Gatto Brandon April 3, 2018 Distributed Internet Voting with Authentication Dr. Jim Helm Polytechnic Information Technology 1:30pm Sutton 330
Laurence Paige April 4, 2018 IUCN Red List Assessment of Muraenidae Beth Polidoro Tempe Mathematical and Natural Sciences 11:00 am Juniper 201
Zuo Dana April 4, 2018 The Effects of Caloric Restriction on Insulin Resistance in Diet-Induced Obese Rats Benjamin Trumble Tempe SHESC 12 pm LSC 202
Guerra Luis April 4, 2018 How Student Involvement affects Graduation Rates for Latinx Gloria Cuadraz West Interdisciplinary Arts and Science 11:00 AM UDB 261
Jehng Hope April 4, 2018 Imaging Local Drug Delivery Michael R. Caplan Tempe School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering 12-1 PM ISTB1-174
Weber Martha April 4, 2018 Sustainable Urban Design: From Vision to Reality Paul Coseo Tempe School of Sustainability 3:30pm Wrigley Hall, Room 481
Abraham Rebecca April 5, 2018 Joint Storytelling and Creativity in Role Playing Games Dr. Abby Loebenberg Tempe Barrett the Honors College 2:00 pm Juniper 201
Hagan Rachel April 5, 2018 Relationship Satisfaction Across Fourteen Days: A Smartphone-Based Ecological Momentary Assessment Study Dr. Shelby Langer Downtown College of Nursing and Health Innovation 1:30pm Health North 105
Little Cody April 5, 2018 Distinguishing Post Mortem Faunal Predation from Intentional Sharp Force Trauma Professor Kimberly Kobojek West Forensic Science 11:00am UCB 201-T Athena
Mitchell Lauren April 6, 2018 Emotional Responses of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizure Patients During Four Relived Emotion Tasks Dr. Nicole Roberts West Psychology 11:30AM CLCC 134 Room 140A
Brooks Jenna April 6, 2018 Best Practices for Teaching Argumentative Writing in Secondary Schools Dr. James Blasingame Tempe Education 3pm Farmer 312
Parker Jamie April 6, 2018 Marine conservation and the impact of forensic science on current conservation efforts Dr. Kimberly Kobojek West Mathematical and Natural Sciences 2PM UCB 322
Darwin Alicia April 6, 2018 STAT Inhibition as a Therapeutic Strategy in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Dr. Valerie Stout Tempe School of Life Sciences 3 PM Juniper 101
Kolberg Courtney April 6, 2018 Cognitive Function in Older Adult Cochlear Implant Users in Relation to Music and Speech Perception Dr. Xin Luo Tempe Speech and Hearing Science 10:00AM COOR 3501
Lam Quoc April 11, 2018 Atrophy Mitigation of Long-Term Exposure to Zero-Gravity with a Soft Robotic Exosuit Dr. Panagiotis Polygerinos Polytechnic Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering 10AM Technology Center, Room 183
Clugston Odessa April 11, 2018 Dissecting the Divide: Words from America's Rural Youth Dr. Madelaine Adelman Tempe School of Social Transformation 2pm Wilson 354
Kirch Jayme April 11, 2018 Eat In, Not Out Jessica Lehmann and Sarah Martinelli Tempe School of Nutrition and Health Promotion 2PM Health North room 412
Tran An April 12, 2018 Acute knockdown of tau impairs spatial learning and memory Dr. Salvatore Oddo Tempe School of Life Sciences 9AM Biodesign A AL1-1014
Armstrong Mia April 13, 2018 Institutional Accountability, Media Coverage and Military Sexual Assault: A Case-Based Analysis Dr. Carolyn Warner Tempe School of Politics and Global Studies 1:00p.m. Coor 6607
Too Rachel April 13, 2018 Assessing the Health Insurance Needs of the Low Income Hispanic/Latino Population in Phoenix, Arizona Corrie Whisner Downtown School of Life Sciences 1PM Health North 201A
Craig Catherine April 13, 2018 Hermeneutics in Forensics Kimberly Kobojek West Mathematical and Natural Sciences 4 pm UCB 261
Shamsa Kayvan April 16, 2018 Assessing the Navigational Abilities of an Acoustically Active Cannula William Tyler Tempe School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering 10AM Cereus 101 - Cereus Hall