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Students are responsible for scheduling their thesis defense and reporting this information by the deadline to the Barrett Advising Office via the online Thesis/Creative Project Defense Reporting Form. This responsibility entails consulting with their thesis committee to determine when and where the defense will take place, and reserving a room location. Students must have a confirmed room reservation prior to submitting this form.

Defenses are open to the public and members of the Barrett community including students, faculty, and staff who are all strongly encouraged to attend. In rare cases a Thesis Director can request a closed defense if there are privacy issues with the material presented in the defense. To view the schedule of upcoming defenses, please visit the defense calendar.

The Spring 2018 deadline to submit the defense reporting form is March 9, 2018. The recommended deadline to defend your thesis/creative project is by April 6, 2018.

For concerns regarding the submission deadline, please email your Barrett Honors Advisor.


Do not fill out the form unless all of the information is accurate and complete — incomplete or inaccurate submissions will not be accepted.