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If you're interested in applying for a tutoring position at Barrett, please look for the official job listing in the Honors-L listserv and the Student Employment website in January of each year. Tutors will be hired for the following academic year, and with the Director’s approval, have the option to continue working as tutors in subsequent years. Once they are hired, new tutors are trained in a Session B, one credit, HON seminar in the spring.

Downtown Tutors (AZ Center 3rd Floor, Rms 326 and 328)

Jakob Wastek (Jakob.Wastek@asu.edu)
Major(s): Journalism
Minor(s): German
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Scott Lynch (has also taken classes with Drs. O’Flaherty and Sandoval)

Jakob’s advice: Your first instinct is usually right. Just get writing and the flow will come later. Ideas on paper are much easier to work with than those in your mind.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 4:00pm-7:30pm
Wednesdays: 2pm-7pm


Hannah Moyzes (hmoyzes@asu.edu)
Major: Medical Studies, Pre-Optometry
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Fedock

Hannah’s advice: Start with a strong thesis and everything else will fall into place. Be as clear and concise as possible. When in doubt, put all your ideas on the page. After, start finding evidence and building an argument for the ideas that support your thesis the most.

Monday 12:30-4:30PM
Tuesday 12:30-2:30PM
Thursday 10:30-2:30PM. 


Tempe Tutors (located in the Study Lounge on the second floor of Honors Hall)

Madi Margolis (mmargol2@asu.edu)
Major: Film Production and French
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Dove

Madi’s advice: If you get stuck, try writing by hand to get your ideas flowing—most of the time, I end up handwriting entire essays.

Mondays: 3pm-6pm
Tuesdays: 10am-12pm
Wednesdays: 2pm-5pm
Thursdays: 10am-12pm


Fargo Tbakhi (fargotbakhi@gmail.com)
Major: Theatre
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Ingram-Waters
Fargo’s advice: Take risks, be clear, and know the conventions extremely well, so you can break them extremely well

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 8am-11am
Fridays: 8am-9am


Arni Dizon (aedizon@asu.edu)
Major: Psychology and Justice Studies
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Barca 

Arni’s advice: Never be afraid of first drafts. First drafts mean the messy and the disorganized and the gritty—all of these things are part of the process. If you are facing an assignment that seems daunting, set a 20 minute timer for yourself and just write. Ideas, even the smallest ones, come when you let yourself be reckless. Then from the small bits, build an argument.

W: 5-7PM
Th: 3:00PM to 5:00PM
F: 9:00AM to 12:00PM
Sunday: 4:00PM to 7:00PM


Anna Mangus (ammangus@asu.edu)
Major: Chemical Engineering
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Mack 

Anna’s advice: Don’t be afraid to scratch an entire argument and start fresh from the beginning if it’s not working. The writing process is more like riding a roller coaster than riding a train.  

Mondays 9am-2pm
Tuesdays 11am-2pm
Fridays 1-3pm


Ariel Rawls (arawls1@asu.edu)
Major: Justice Studies
THE/HOI professor: Dr. Fontinha de Alcantara

Ariel's Advice: Sometimes the best thing to do is to set your paper aside for a while. If you are experiencing writer's block, step away from your computer for the night or even an hour or two and distract yourself with things you enjoy. It might seem counterproductive, but you will find that your mind comes back to your paper naturally and with fresh ideas that will work to your benefit. Staring at the same sentence in your paper for hours on end will not help you. Instead, take a much deserved break to let your mind come up with new ideas and avenues for your argument to surface. Trust me, it works!

Mon 5-7pm
Wednesdays: 9 am - 2 pm 
Fridays: 6 pm - 9 pm 


Alexis Moore (amoore34@asu.edu)
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Film and History)
THE/HOI professor(s): Dr. Loebenberg, Dr. Brian

Alexis's Advice: Follow what's intriguing to you, because your best work usually begins at the core of your interests.

Tu 1-4pm; 6-8pm
Th 1-3
Fri 11-2


Shakki Bhat (shakkibhat@asu.edu)
Major: Supply Chain Management
Minor: Sustainability 
THE/HOI professor: Dr. John Lynch

Shakki’s Advice: Relax, no one is expecting you to find perfection overnight.  As some may say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; the same goes for any piece of writing.  Take your time, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and try to make what you are writing about interesting to you, and then you will be able to find success. 


Thursdays: 8:00am to 10:00 am
Friday: 2-5pm
Saturday: 1-4 pm
Sunday: 3-5 pm