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Supporting Barrett means supporting students at one of the country’s top honors colleges and enhancing education in the state of Arizona.  Donors ensure current and future students receive the highest level in educational experience and opportunities. Barrett students are involved in top-level research, creating their own businesses, spear heading global charities, and advancing in education.  Today’s Barrett students are tomorrow’s leaders and experts.

Why We Give

Meghan CoxMeghan Cox ’07

“Barrett provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn and excel at ASU due to its collaborative involvement and access to professors. I support Barrett now in order to provide those same opportunities to the next generation of Barrett students. I think it’s important to give back at any level, whether it be at $100, $500 or $1,000 per year.”


Sophie O'Keefe ZelmanSophie O’Keefe Zelman ’05

“I support Barrett, the Honors College because it attracts and nurtures the talent Arizona needs to succeed now and in the future.  Barrett cultivates the innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders who have made – and will make – important contributions to Arizona’s economy and culture.”



How Giving Impacts Students

Ximenna HofsetzXimenna Hofsetz – Morrison, CO
Animal Physiology and Behavior, and Art Studies

“As an out-of-state student pursuing two degrees at Arizona State University, added financial security enables me to remain minimally reliant on student loans even with the added expenses purchasing art supplies brings. This is an invaluable freedom, one which I know I will appreciate without end after graduation from Barrett, when all of the other pressing concerns that come with that transition arise. Thank you again for your contribution to my education.”


Sean SextonSean Sexton – Omaha, NE

“The Chrisman Scholarship lowered my financial burden for college and allowed me focus more on my academic path to succeed in school. I have been fighting with leukemia for the last six months and was just recently released from the hospital. The leukemia is in remission now, and when I got the news I was awarded this scholarship it really cheered me up. Thank you tremendously for your generosity. It really helped me through a tough time knowing there are people who want to help me succeed.”