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Barrett helping Barrett: We invite all honors alumni to share their experience and expertise with current students.  Whether it’s serving on a thesis committee, sitting on a national scholarship mock interview, or mentoring a student on professional networking and career trajectories, your insight and advice is invaluable for our students. There is no formalized timeline for the mentoring opportunities listed below, so we ask for your patience as we invite students to join in these discussions. 


  • Offer jobs and internships to Barrett students:
  • With the ASU Mentor Network, you can support the professional growth of Arizona State University students through networking opportunities and structured mentorship programs. Share your story with current Sun Devils and inspire them to unlock their professional potential:

Office of National Scholarship AdvisementThe Office of National Scholarship Advisement invites all past recipients to join the ONSA Alumni Network.  Obligations are minimal and would involve answering questions about the application process; sharing your reflections on the fellowship application experience as a whole, particularly its relevance to your professional development; and/or providing feedback on recruiting efforts and outreach practices.  Additionally, we invite you to join the ONSA Alumni Network LinkedIn and Facebook pages. If you would like to join the ONSA Alumni Network, sign up here.

Thesis Committees: The committee consists of a Thesis Director, a Second Committee Member, and may include a Third Committee Member.  Third committee members are often optional but always encouraged to our students.  We ask that you please provide detailed information on your area of expertise so that our students can learn more about your work and see if their project is closely aligned.  Learn more about the creative thesis project process. To be a third reader, please use the sign-up form here.