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The Barrett Student Summer Development Program provides Barrett students the opportunity to pursue academic programsthat can enhance their educational experience during the summer. Program participation must be 6 - 12 weeks in length and students can receive up to $1,500 in support. Awards are made on a rolling basis.

This funding will be used for a defined program (e.g. internship, a summer program with another university, etc.) where funding is not already available to the student. Funding is awarded through Accounts Payable at the start of the summer semester if the student is not enrolled in summer classes with ASU or if the student is enrolled, the funding will be posted to the student's account. Funding is not awarded prior to the start of the Summer Session A. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a current student enrolled in Barrett, The Honors College and in good standing. 
  • Summer programs must be academic in nature where students will receive direct, supervised training. The programs can be either:
    • Established - a program in response to a need by site supervisor or company or
    • Created - the program is a result of a student who desires to work with a particular company/institution and will work with site supervisor or company to establish a work plan with defined goals.
  • Selected awardees will need to provide a summary of their experience by August 15. This summary should include the accomplishments of this program and skills developed while participating in this program.


For additional information or questions, please contact Cassandra Saenz at 480-727-5169 or at

Student holding a sea turtle on the beach

Olivia Roush, a Barrett sophomore, used the summer development fund to participate in biological research with leatherback turtles in Trinidad and Tobago. She is pictured holding a hatchling, before sending it out to sea.