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Students listening to a professor lecture in the Barrett theater at Vista

Did you know that the Barrett Honors Faculty present their research at the Drescher Lecture series twice a year?

Graphic with text Barrett Community Dialogues

Did you know about the Barrett Community Dialogue series? They are a way to use the discussion skills from the Human Event and History of Ideas to engage in timely and controversial issues.

Image of professor and student overlaid with video player controls

Did you know that if you have any questions about The Human Event or History of Ideas you can attend your professor's office hours?

Students posing in front of landmarks in foreign countries

Did you know about the Global Intensive Experience? It is a class on global issues where you can travel to different locations to learn and participate in service.

Students walking near the College of Law

Did you know about Project Excellence? It is a partnership with the @sandradayoconnor *tag* College of Law designed to expose honors students to dynamic law courses.

Group of professors wearing their regalia onstage

Did you know that, despite the diversity of the Barrett faculty's academic backgrounds, they all teach argumentative writing because argumentative writing is common to all fields?

Students in a classroom setting with video player control overlay

Did you know that The Human Event is unique among ASU courses? It is taught by dedicated faculty, allowing for the seminar-style classes to remain small and focus more on the individual students.

Leland Hartwell writing on a board in a classroom

Did you know that Barrett is the only honors college in the nation with a Nobel Prize recipient teaching undergraduates? Leland Hartwell is teaching an applied research course this fall.