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Barrett, The Honors College has a lot to offer its students. Choose a subject by color below to learn more about the benefits we offer in the areas of Educational Enhancements, Student Life, Student Opportunities, Financial Assistance, and Academic Services.

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Did you know that past thesis and creative projects are viewable through the ASU Library Barrett Digital Repository?

Did You Know - T. W. Lewis Center

Did you know that Barrett has a new center for professional development, for use exclusively by Barrett students?

Image of the Mayo Clinic in AZ

Did you know that the ASU and Mayo partnership has resulted in multiple exclusive internships and research opportunities for Barrett students?

Students posing in front of landmarks in foreign countries

Did you know about the Global Intensive Experience? It is a class on global issues where you can travel to different locations to learn and participate in service.

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Did you know that if you have any questions about The Human Event or History of Ideas you can attend your professor's office hours?

How to earn honors credits: honors requirements, honors contracts, honors sections, study abroad, research, internships

Did you know that earning honors credits is flexible and that you can design your own contracts to earn those credits?

Graphic with text Barrett Community Dialogues

Did you know about the Barrett Community Dialogue series? They are a way to use the discussion skills from the Human Event and History of Ideas to engage in timely and controversial issues.

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Did you know that Barrett students have the opportunity to take the Indigo Assessment? This program allows you to learn your strengths and motivators to help you maximize your personal and career success.

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Did you know that Barrett students can apply for summer development funding for opportunities to pursue programs that will enhance their academic experience during the summer?