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Barrett, The Honors College has a lot to offer its students. Choose a subject by color below to learn more about the benefits we offer in the areas of Educational Enhancements, Student Life, Student Opportunities, Financial Assistance, and Academic Services.

Graphic showing the three advisors Barrett students have access to

Did you know that Barrett students have a team of advisors that provide support and guidance along their academic journey? They have their major advisor, a Barrett advisor, and a Faculty Honors Advisor.

Image of student in front of a presentation poster

Did you know that past thesis and creative projects are viewable through the ASU Library Barrett Digital Repository?

Student meeting with an ONSA advisor

Did you know that you can get free advising on writing personal statements for competitive scholarships and fellowships through Barrett and the Office of National Scholarship Advisement?

Barrett Honors College Council logo

Did you know that Barrett has a council of student representatives? You can make your voice heard by voting in the Barrett Honors College Council (BHCC), or you can run for a position on the council.

Students holding a sign with the Fulbright logo

Did you know that ASU is one of the top U.S. universities for Fulbright winners and Barrett is home to many of those winners?

Group of professors wearing their regalia onstage

Did you know that, despite the diversity of the Barrett faculty's academic backgrounds, they all teach argumentative writing because argumentative writing is common to all fields?

Students slapping hands over an open laptop in a writing center

Did you know that the Barrett Writing Center has tutors available on all four campuses? Appointments are available exclusively for Barrett students!

Two students standing in front of a thesis poster

Did you know that thesis defenses are open for other Barrett students to observe?

Students sitting outside with video player control overlay

Did you know that non-traditional and transfer students are able to enroll in Barrett and take advantage of the distinctive honors-only opportunities?