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Barrett, The Honors College has a lot to offer its students. Choose a subject by color below to learn more about the benefits we offer in the areas of Educational Enhancements, Student Life, Student Opportunities, Financial Assistance, and Academic Services.

Student meeting with a professor in an office

Did you know Barrett has faculty honors advisors in each major to help students find opportunities within academic departments for honors credits?

Students on a mountain top with video player control overlay

Did you know that Barrett Honors Faculty lead global travel programs during the academic year and during summer break?

Logo for Calm Circle

Did you know that Barrett students can participate in CalmCircle, a web-based stress and sleep management program to help overall wellness, free of charge?

Professor and student outside with measurement tools

Did you know that as early as the first year, Barrett students are able to secure undergraduate research opportunities in multiple fields of study?

Hands hanging a photo with video player control overlay

Did you know that Barrett students can have their artwork displayed at various locations on all four campuses?

Condoleezza Rice speaking at Barrett at ASU

Did you know that Barrett has had various Global Leaders from around the world in residence, teaching special topics classes, and speaking to students about various global issues?

Student holding a sea turtle on the beach

Did you know that Barrett students can apply for summer development funding for opportunities to pursue programs that will enhance their academic experience during the summer?

The Indigo logo

Did you know that Barrett students have the opportunity to take the Indigo Assessment? This program allows you to learn your strengths and motivators to help you maximize your personal and career success.

The Barrett Comma with a smiling face

Did you know about the history of Barrett's comma? Join us as we celebrate the comma on National Punctuation Day, September 24th, with games, food, giveaways and of course, the comma!