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Barrett, The Honors College has a lot to offer its students. Choose a subject by color below to learn more about the benefits we offer in the areas of Educational Enhancements, Student Life, Student Opportunities, Financial Assistance, and Academic Services.

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Did you know about the Barrett Signature Events? Each campus hosts a signature event that all Barrett students are invited to attend.

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Did you know that Barrett advising hosts thesis workshops throughout the year to help students start their honors thesis/creative project?

Students posing outdoors in national parks

Did you know about Barrett Explores? Barrett hosts student trips to various state and national parks in the United States. This year's trips include Yosemite, Watson Lake, and Zion National Park.

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Did you know that The Human Event is unique among ASU courses? It is taught by dedicated faculty, allowing for the seminar-style classes to remain small and focus more on the individual students.

Celebrate the Comma

Did you know about the history of Barrett's comma? Join us as we celebrate the comma on National Punctuation Day, September 24th, with games, food, giveaways and of course, the comma!

Graphic showing the three advisors Barrett students have access to

Did you know that Barrett students have a team of advisors that provide support and guidance along their academic journey? They have their major advisor, a Barrett advisor, and a Faculty Honors Advisor.

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Did you know that ASU is one of the top U.S. universities for Fulbright winners and Barrett is home to many of those winners?

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Did you know that Barrett has students from 48 of the 50 states, and from over 30 different countries?

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Did you know that Barrett produces an Eats & Treats video series that shows you how to make healthy and easy recipes, perfect for your dorm or apartment?