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For additional information and assistance on applying for international scholarships, please contact the ASU Office of National Scholarships Advisement at onsa@asu.edu or 480-727-8204. Click on this link to schedule an advising appointment: https://asu.advisestream.com

Boren Awards for International Study (Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr)
Funds six months to one year of critical need foreign language and area studies in several countries (not Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).  Eligibility: specific qualifications vary depending on the country.  
ASU campus deadline:  early January.

Critical Languages Scholarship (Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr)
CLS is a fully-funded (airfare, room, and board, tuition and activities) eight- to a ten-week summer program that offers an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program for American students.  Students get the equivalent of a full year of college-level language study in one of 14 critical languages.  Eligibility:  undergraduates, all majors; specific qualifications vary depending on the language. 
Deadline:  November 1st. More info. at:  http://www.clscholarship.org/

Summer Research for STEM Majors (Fr, Soph, Jr)
ONSA advises on several summer research opportunities for STEM students including - AMGEN Scholars U.S. Program, AMGEN Scholars Japan Program, DAAD RISE (Research Internships in Science & Engineering) in Germany, and Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) at hundreds of universities including Stanford, Notre Dame, Harvard, MIT, and Caltech.
Deadline: early December/January.  See ONSA Scholarship Database at http://onsa.asu.edu/

Fulbright UK Summer Institute Scholarship (Fr, Soph)
Funds three-to six-week academic and cultural summer program to the UK. Participants get the opportunity to experience a highly regarded UK University, explore the culture, heritage, and history of the UK and develop their academic ability by improving presentation, research and communication skills.  Eligibility: Freshmen and sophomores only, 3.5+ GPA.  
Deadline: early February.  More info. at: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/fulbright-awards/exchanges-to-the-uk/undergraduates

Gilman International Scholarship (Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr)
Supports students to study abroad who have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad, including students with high financial need (must receive a Pell Grant), first-generation college students, students from diverse backgrounds and students of non-traditional majors (STEM).  Travel 21 days or longer in one country.  3,200 scholarships of up to $5,000 awarded annually!  
Deadline:  Summer/Fall is March 1st, Spring is Oct. 1st. More information gilmanscholarship.org

Killam Fellowship (Fulbright Canada) (Soph, Jr, Sr)
Funding for a semester or academic year of study at any of the participating Canadian universities.  Recipients also participate in a three-day orientation in Ottawa and a three-day spring seminar in Washington, D.C.  Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate student; academic achievement. 
ASU campus deadline: first week in January. More info. at: www.killamfellowships.com

Public Policy & International Affairs (PPIA) Fellowship (Jr)
Prepares undergraduates to be competitive candidates for top degree programs in the fields of public policy or international affairs. Accepted students participate in an intensive, 7-week academic program during the summer before their senior year at Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, Michigan or Minnesota.
Deadline: Nov. 1. More info. at:  http://www.ppiaprogram.org/ppia/

Truman Scholarship (Jr)
Multi-year fellowship for a graduate degree in a public service field.  Funds $30,000 to students who can be “change agents” and make a difference in government, education and other non-profit fields.  Eligibility:  full-time junior in any major; 3.5 GPA; strong off-campus service record.  
ASU campus deadline:  mid-November. More info. at: http://www.truman.gov 

Fulbright Grant (Sr)
Complete funding for nine to twelve months abroad to pursue an independent study/research project or English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in over 155 countries.  Fulbright funds approximately 2,000 awards annually.  ASU is among the most successful universities for producing Fulbright award winners. Eligibility:  Juniors should begin the process in late spring.  Graduating seniors, grad students, and ASU alumni may also apply.  
ASU campus deadline: early-September. More info. at:  fulbright.asu.edu & www.fulbrightonline.org


Prestigious British/Irish Scholarships

ASU Campus Deadline for each is early April


Prestigious China Scholarships

ASU Campus Deadline for each is early April

  • Schwarzman Scholars Program:  One-year Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Economics or Business at Tsinghua University in China. Students live and study together and all classes are taught in English. Scholars may pursue internships and are guided by a senior mentor.  http://schwarzmanscholars.org/program
  • Yenching Academy Scholars:  A competitive postgraduate scholarship program designed to prepare an elite class of future leaders. Classes are taught in English. Scholars receive full support for a Master of Arts in one of six concentrations at Peking University.  http://yenchingacademy.org/