Namesort descending Discipline Locations Organization Type Paid Website Link
Environmental Defense Fund All (Variety) North America NGO Yes
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations All (Variety) Europe IO Not specified
Ford Foundation Business North America NGO No
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Political Science Europe NGO Monthly stipend
General Electric All (Variety) Europe Business Not specified
German State Parliament Political Science Europe Government Yes (Living Stipend)
Global Vision International Business South America Business No
Goldman Sachs All (Variety) Europe Business Yes
Good Neighbors International Communications Asia INGO Not specified
Google Computer Science North America IO Not specified
Greenpeace IT Europe INGO Stipend provided
H&M Business Europe Business Not specified
HealthRight International Communications North America INGO No
IAEA Engineering Europe IO Stipend provided
IASTE All (Variety) Europe IO Yes