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Global Intensive Experiences 2018

In Spring 2018 Barrett will offer four short, one-credit, travel programs.  Two programs will be offered during Spring Break and two immediately following the end of the semester.  A limited amount of need-based scholarships are available to students participating in a Barrett summer travel programs. Click here to apply.

  • All of Barrett's Programs are led by experienced Barrett Honors Professors and uphold Barrett Community Standards on the trip.
  • You can expect a high-quality academic experience with only Barrett students on our trips.
  • Going on a group trip will mean access to cultural experiences that would be difficult to get as an individual traveler.
  • Study Abroad is a great way for students who live off campus to meet and make friends with other Barrett students.
Global Intensive Experiences: Ireland

Visit Galway and Inishmore, Ireland to explore the connection between the Great Irish Famine and the emergence of the West of Ireland’s most famous tourist circuit! Develop new ways of thinking about landscape, national identity, and historical memory while enjoying musical and theatrical events in Galway, an academic visit to the Aran Islands, and day trips through the unique Burren and...

Global Intensive Experiences: Mexico

Spend one week on both sides of the US/Mexico border: in Nogales, Arivaca, and the Sonoran desert. Learn from locals about border culture. Follow the impact of immigration policies and interact personally with those living and moving through the desert environment. Educate yourself about the problems of “the globe next door,” and become part of their solution! The trip includes:...

Global Intensive Experiences: Prague

Spend Spring Break in Prague, the city of a thousand spires and the capital of the Czech Republic, engaging in cultural and creative nonfiction writing activities. Visit Charles University and local markets, learn about Prague culture on a city, street art, and coffee and cake walking tours, and take a Czech cooking class, all while making connections with other Barrett students and...