Will we find Frankenstein? The monster? Ourselves?

This trip follows the footsteps of Victor and the monster from Castle Frankenstein in Darmstadt, Germany, through Ingolstadt (near Munich) where Victor made the monster, into Schaffhausen (near Zurich), with its picturesque “Romantic” villages and landscapes, and onto Geneva, birthplace of Victor Frankenstein and location of Villa Diodati where Mary Shelley conceived the novel. Day-trips include a walk literally inside of the Sea of Ice Glacier in Chamonix, France, and an excursion to the majestic alpine village of Sils Maria.

Dates: May 20 - June 10

Courses: HON 394: Frankenstein, the Monster, and Other Romantics (3 Credits); HON 394: Frankenstein & Revolution in Switzerland and Germany (3 Credits)

Credits: 6 credits

Program Fee: $6,365

Application Deadline: March 1

The Switzerland/Germany program information and application can be found online.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Don Fette at donfette@asu.edu