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Current list of projects

SolarSPELL (South Pacific, Rwanda): Led by Dr. Laura Hosman

Biochar and Solar Irrigation (Nepal): Led by Dr. Netra Chhetri, Dr. Nalini Chhetri and Dr. Mark Henderson

AMOR Volunteer Camp (Mexico): Led by Prof. Mike James

Fish Preservation (Indonesia): Led by Dr. Buyung Aqusdinata 

33 Buckets (Peru): Led by Mark Huerta

Health Clinic Solar Microgrid (Honduras): Led by Dr. Brad Rogers & Bulent Bicer 

Solar Microgrid, Water Pump & Safair Tourism (Kenya): Led by Dr. Mark Henderson


Completed projects list

Completed projects list

Project NameLocationPartner
Biochar For AgriculturePeruAndes Libres
Low-Cost Home ConstructionBoliviaEsperanca
Safe StoveNicaraguaEsperanca
Solar Plateau ProjectNavajoIINA Solutions
Drip Irrigation SystemBoliviaEsperanca
Kuroiler Chicken BrooderUgandaGates Foundation, ASU
Water PurifierIndiaIIT Delhi, SCOPE, Intel
Water Purification SurveyGhanaWaterIsLife
Weather Warning For
Solar PV For Open UniversityGhanaOpen University
Building Matls From SawdustGhanaAprotech
Craft Paper From WasteGhanaAprotech
Local RestaurantMexicoTec de Monterrey
Organic Bakery ProjectMexicoTec de Monterrey
Organic Micro-BreweryMexicoTec de Monterrey
Community Nutrition and Physical EducationMexicoTec de Monterrey
Energy Bar ProductionMexicoTec de Monterrey
Bike SmoothieMexicoTec de Monterrey
Prosthetic Foot Fatigue TesterIndiaASME, Penn State, MIT
Microbial Fuel Cell Pit LatrineGhanaGates Foundation, UMass