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Dr. Don Fette
Honors Faculty Fellow

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Sage South 151
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Dr. Don Fette joined Barrett, the Honors College in 2015 after working for two years in the English Department at ASU. He received his BA (Philosophy) from the University of Pittsburgh and holds MAs from ASU and the University of Chicago in English and Comparative Literature, respectively. Before returning to ASU in 2013, he earned his PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago, where he also worked as Assistant Director of the Writing Program. Dr. Fette has served as Director of Writing at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago and as Writing Advisor at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

His dissertation, “‘Towards the Temple of Fame’”: Class, the Classics, and the Struggle for Distinction in the Poetry of John Keats,” reexamines the role of social class and the Classics in Keats’s work. Dr. Fette’s teaching and research interests also include classical literature and philosophy, lyric and epic poetry, early modern philosophy, 19th century continental philosophy, British and German Romanticism, intersections across science and literature, the theory and pedagogy of writing, psychoanalysis, and Gothic literature.

Currently, Dr. Fette is working on several projects: a study on the Keats-Shelley relationship; Keats and the Pindaric ode; the role of gender/language in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper;” and a paper on the rhetoric of comments on student writing.