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Dr. Ramsey Eric Ramsey
Associate Dean, West Campus
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UCB 201E
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Ramsey Eric Ramsey holds a Ph.D. from the Joint Program in Philosophy and Communication, Purdue University. Dr. Ramsey is the recipient of the ASU at the West campus award for Excellence in Teaching, a Wakonse Teaching Fellow, and multiple-time nominee for the ASU Parents Association Professor of the Year Award. He teaches advanced honors seminars in philosophy as well as sections of the Barrett first-year seminar The Human Event.

Dr. Ramsey’s research is undertaken from a continental philosophical perspective dealing with questions concerning the ethical practice of communication. He is the author of two books Leaving Us to Wonder: An Essay on the Questions Science Can’t Ask (co-authored with the biologist Linda Wiener) and The Long Path to Nearness, a philosophical contribution to communication theory and ethics. He is also the editor of and contributor to the book Experiences Between Philosophy and Communication. He has published numerous essays and book chapters in major journals and in edited collections. Dr. Ramsey is the originator and editor of the Philosophy/Communication Book Series.