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Dr. Stephanie deLusé
Honors Faculty Fellow

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Dr. Stephanie R. deLusé is Principal Honors Faculty Fellow in Barrett. Among other things, she teaches and writes. In addition to one of her syllabi being selected by the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies as a model of best practice, her teaching has earned her honors including the ASU “Last Lecture” (2009), Featured Faculty Award (2006), and Outstanding Faculty Award (2005). Since then she’s been nominated for Centennial Professor (2012) and for an Excellence in Diversity award (2012) and received a Devils’ Advocates “Apple Polisher” Faculty Appreciation award (2011).

Recently (2010), as a demonstration of some success at being an interdisciplinarian, she was nominated for three awards outside her original fields of study; she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for a creative non-fiction essay, and for inclusion in two well-regarded and competitive “Best of” annual anthologies—Best American Essays and Best American Spiritual Writing. Her writing appears in literary journals including The MacGuffin, Rougarou, The Griffin, Gemini Magazine, Emrys, Wild Violet Magazine, The Legendary, and TRIVIA: Voices in Feminism, in popular press books (e.g., The Psychology of Survivor, The Psychology of Joss Whedon, and The Psychology of Superheroes), and in academic journals including Issues in Integrative Studies, Family and Conciliation Courts Review, and Family Processes. Her co-authored book on the history of ASU, aptly named Arizona State University, came out in 2012 (www.ASUhistory.com). In addition to other writing, she is working on another book, Legendary Locals of Tempe, which is due out in 2016.

Before joining Barrett, Dr. deLusé served three years as Associate Faculty Director in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Arizona State University, her academic home for eight years. While there, she lead study abroad programs to London and developed new courses such as “Theories and Applications of Organizational Studies,” “Diversity and Organizations” and her signature Senior Seminars of “Money & Meaning” and “Money, Medicine, & Morals,” in addition to teaching the core courses of “Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies,” “Interdisciplinary Inquiry,” and “Applied Interdisciplinary Studies.” She has earned a nomination to serve on the national board of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies as their Director of Organizational Development. Her current teaching focus is “The Human Event” sequence as well as the “Internship” course, and she is developing new courses. Prior to joining the Interdisciplinary Studies program, she was full-time in the ASU Department of Psychology where she earlier had earned her Masters and PhD. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from ASU in Communication (multi-focal emphases on interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural), with a minor equivalent in business. In addition she holds certificates and licenses in other fields.